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Meet inventid

We’re innovators. We question the accepted, draw inspiration from everywhere and continually push the realms of what’s possible. And we’re designers. We embody this innovative thinking in a tangible form – either physical product or communication medium. It’s what makes inventid objects different, better and very attractive to customers!

As specialist innovation and design consultants we help our design buyers – whether they’re an individual inventor, global brand or anyone in-between. We deliver market-leading results to their product design and communication design problems. Call us or come and visit us in our Manchester design studio - we’d love to find out how we can help you too.

At inventid we’re proud of the values that set us apart – integrity, passion and above all, killer design work!


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Telephone: +44 (0)161 236 9898
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General Email: info@inventid.com

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Meet Bryn

Bryn Morgan

Name: Bryn Morgan
Email: bryn@inventid.com

Likes: Graphic Design / Branding / Photography / New Technologies / New Product Development / Happy customers.
Dislikes: Pull handles on push doors.

Seeking: Like-minded businesses for passionate collaboration and late-night chats about HTML5.
Area: Worldwide.

About: Lake District born and bred, inventid’s Design Director honed his impressive skill set as a design manager in London’s creative heartland. A former freelance graphic designer, photographer and barista, he seeks those looking for ground-breaking design and expertly crafted lattes. When not pushing the great outdoors to its limits, this hardy Northerner enjoys both long cold nights fixing rally cars and indulging his inner geek on technology blogs – keeping him up to speed in more ways than one!

A former licensed forklift truck driver and lifeguard: whether you’re looking for excellence in graphic and product design, or your carburetor’s on the blink… rest assured you’ll always be in safe hands!

Ice Breaker: “Ask me about how I taught the mountain bike industry to advertise.”

Meet Henry

Henry James

Name: Henry James
Email: henry@inventid.com

Likes: Industrial Design / Sustainable Design / CAD / New Ideas / Disruptive Technology / Manchester Sunshine

Seeking: Lonesome inventors with big ideas / Forward-thinking companies for long walks and unbridled innovation / Tall, dark strangers for lucrative licensing opportunities.
Age: Not fussy.

About: Born a Cornish pasty, this award-winning industrial designer relocated to Germany for an early education in all things “eleganz + funktion”. A continental flair for recycling added to early-adopter vegetarianism shaped his passion for planet-friendly design that looks just as great as it works! Interests include early concepts, product styling, illustration, presentation graphics and computer aided design (CAD).

A well-rounded designer, his experience includes co-authoring an eco-design toolkit in North America and delivering market-leading products to companies of all sizes across the UK, in Europe and further afield. You may have even seen props he’s designed on BBC’s “The One Show”!

Interesting Fact: inventid’s Innovation Director enjoys snowboarding when he’s in the mountains. He believes new product design should take into account our planet’s changing climate… if only so all the snow doesn’t melt!

Product Design

Designing brilliant new products is what motivates us. It gets us out of the bed in the morning and keeps us awake, at times, long into the night. To design effective new products we take our design buyer or designer’s idea, combine it with accurate definitions of what their customers want and embody both in a refined form that appeals to each important stakeholder. A fine balance between scientific, technological, business, artistic and human-centered disciplines, our design process is a systematic approach that turns ideas into reality.

You're an inventor with a great idea
You're a design company too
You're an SME who manufactures and sells products
You're a global product brand
You're a dragon or business angel looking to invest
None of these really fits you

Design Services

We custom-fit our design process to you or your company’s particular needs, and to the product in question. We can also be hired to take on only part of the process too. Each phase is signed off with predetermined deliverables that are agreed before starting. A regular start-to-finish design commission* requires most of the services in the following table.

* It’s worth noting; product design is a nonlinear process – some stages are run concurrently and repeated more than once in a generate >       evaluate > refine cycle.

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Online, on the street and on that little card you’ve just been handed from that person you just met. Design constantly communicates with potential customers – or rather, great design communicates while poor design floats by. At inventid we’re communicators first and foremost.
Our job is designing the websites you love using and can’t wait to revisit, creating the packaging that you just couldn’t put down, building the mobile apps you shared with friends and crafting the brand identity your customers won’t forget!

At inventid, we’re uniquely positioned at the intersection between product design and communication design. This means we apply the same depth of research, user-centered principles and critical demand for functionality – usually limited to the design of brilliant products – to our digital, print and branding design too. Producing pretty graphics just for the sake of pretty graphics doesn’t wash with us.

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inventid – Innovation and Design Limited is registered in England and Wales at 22 Lever Street, Manchester, M1 1EA. Registered No: 07977445

inventid Blog

Genii Kickstarter Project

Ever dropped your iphone and thought “Oooh shh….!”? Ever bemoaned the decline of British manufacturing and thought “OOOH SHH…..!”?.

Well, now’s your chance to do something about it!

We recently helped a client – Manchester inventor Shehbaz Afzal – turn his idea into a real life working design and prototype. If you want to back British and help him manufacture this innovative, one of a kind iPhone 5 case in the UK (up ‘ere in Oldham) please BACK HIS PROJECT!

Neilson Reeves Re-branding

Having established themselves as award-winning photographic dynamos of the North West, Neilson Reeves felt the need for a high-end re-focus and re-brand. Having previously framed everything from weddings to corporate and celebrity head shots, the decision had been taken to focus their services on the business-to-business photography market. They turned to us to provide a refreshed brand to reflect this sleeker business strategy.

After sitting down with Neilson Reeves’ Director Colin Boulter to learn more about the brand’s history, and find out how he felt the brand had evolved over the years, we came away with a fairly open brief and some keywords to kick off a brainstorming process; ‘Tripod of Life”, “Stability”, “Strength” and “Focus” pretty much summed it up!

At the initial sketch concept stage, it was important for us to show Colin a range of very different directions as this enabled us to get a good idea of what he liked, and just as importantly, what he didn’t. For us, rather than being seen as anything like ‘final designs’, the sketch concept stage enables us to open up a dialogue with the client to further refine the brief.

Colin loved the ‘lens/iris’ concept shown below, choosing this one to take forward into development. He really liked the idea of the icon symbolising aperture rings in the camera lens and the added touch of a pupil at the centre. It had the effect of putting the person in the frame as well as hinting at the very human nature of the brand. We made a decision to develop the icon into a square format so it could be easily used for profile images on all social media platforms and for alignment justification.

In the development process, we minimised and simplified the concept of the aperture rings down to three arms. This could then be seen as an abstract camera lens, or as an open camera tripod viewed from above; the resulting triangulated form symbolising stability and strength. Since Neilson Reeves has such a strong brand reputation, we felt the name should remain the focal point in the everyday logo, with the icon subtly setting the tone of the message to the left hand side. It was important for us to choose a font which reflected the care and precision which goes into every Neilson Reeves shoot, so after exploring many options with Colin, we carefully selected Aaargh for the “Neilson Reeves” section, and Aller Light for “Photography”. We softened the logo by dropping the capitals in “Neilson Reeves”, while balancing it by capitalising the subscript “Photography”.

On finalising the logo, we set upon designing a window graphic for Colin’s editing suite as well as the company’s business cards.

We opted for a stocky (pun intended) 400gsm matte laminate business card to set the tone. As much of Neilson Reeves’ photography revolves around manipulating and playing with light, we then felt a UV spot gloss would be a perfect way to display the new logo, further adding to the high quality feel of the matte laminate card stock.

As Colin stores a lot of his camera equipment in his editing suite at The Sharp Project, he requested that we produce some window graphics to create privacy as well as putting his portfolio on show. We decided upon a concept which reflects Neilson Reeves’ wide range of photography in a manner that suggests photos scattered casually on a table for review. We also allowed space in the graphic for an LCD display which now shows a regularly-updated slideshow of photos as well as Neilson Reeves’ contact details.



The final logo alongside some of the early sketch concepts

Colin’s business card sporting the UV spot gloss logo on the front and a QR code on the rear which directs to the Neilson Reeves website


The new logo applied to the Neilson Reeves office door


Colin jumping for joy over his new branding

Havas Lynx Love for inventid

We like it when people we look up to say nice things about inventid! A few months back we supported digital giants Havas Lynx (formerly Creative Lynx) on a major winning pitch.

Here’s what they had to say about working with us:

Henry, Bryn and the inventid team worked closely with us during a recent new business win. They collaborated closely and effectively with our internal team to add valued insight in what a product might look like to support our pitch. They also provided us with a high quality prototype in a very short timeframe which was instrumental in our successful presentation.

Throughout the process, the team at inventid were happy to help and guide us though the product design and development process. I would not hesitate to work with them again.

Thanks Lynxes! It was a real pleasure.